Hold a Green Event and Save Money


The very first thing often comes to peoples’ minds when they consider going green is it’s going to be expensive. Of course there’s some truth to this perception but there are methods to maintain a green occasion and, save money.

Go Local
Fantastic food makes for happy guests. When you hold an event, 1 way to go green and save money on meals is to go local. Pick fruits and vegetables which are in season and grown locally. Often, locally grown produce saves you money since you aren’t paying for high transportation costs. Within this scenario everyone wins.

Reduce Waste
It would be fantastic if all occasions could be held with silverware and stoneware, but that is not always practical. When this happens we frequently turn to newspaper products. The perfect situation is to use paper products made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled products. Nevertheless, this can be more expensive. If you can use bamboo goods that’s fantastic, if not, there are still some other tactics to decrease waste.

Use a marker or decals on paper products so guests can identify their cups. Using a marker will decrease consumption of cups because guests may identify their drink. Consider using water from a pitcher or warm water cooler which the host can pour into cups, rather than bottles of water. Also, have a separate bag which you can throw empty plastic or paper cups that may be recycled. A number of those measures will also help save you money. In fact, an event planner stored $50,000 to get Microsoft on a single occasion by employing water coolers instead of water bottles.

Utilize the Net or Social Media
Utilize e-invitations. You can use websites like Evite to send invitations to your visitors. You can even market larger events through social media such as Facebook. By eliminating paper, digital invitations will save you money on postage and printing cost as well as reducing the environmental impact of your event.

It is also possible to save money and go green using flowers that are local. Tell your florist that you want arrangements which are as local as possible. If flowers aren’t a part of the event you can rather use raw decoration. Maybe, even create edible arrangements. If appropriate use potted plants which can be given to visitors or contribute as a member of a raffle.

Going neighborhood, reducing waste, using the internet for invites, and being creative with decor are some simple methods to reduce the carbon footprint of an occasion jointly with save you money.