Event Security Planning


Your event patrons will gauge the success of your event according to their experience in the event and a single area which gets over looked is the image of security. Patrons want to feel safe and secure at the event. Possessing a well made plan for potential risks is essential. Even if nothing happens at the event, having a preparedness strategy to mitigate some occurrences is well worth it’s weight in gold.

One tools that’s extremely effective in the preparation stages of an event is a hazard assessment tool. A very simple form that allows you to record what could happen, what possible level of risk does it present and the action steps to prevent or respond to it. By using this tool for your event safety planning phases will help you in developing actual actions based on actual potential threats. Using this form, begin in the parking lot where your patrons will probably arrive and also visualize what dangers are potential in this region. Continue on to the interior of the event and make documentation possible dangers that could happen before the event starts, while the occasion is happening, and once the event ends.

Understanding what might occur and planning in detail to stop possible risks is essential to reduce liability. Your reputation as an event planner can also be on the line. If an incident happen and there are not any plans on paper for any possible risk, you may find it difficult to secure other events in the future, and be held liable in possible law suits.

Taking into consideration worker safety, patron safety, and structure safety are vital elements to a event security plan. Making decisions on appropriate crowd control plans, staffing emergency and communications plans will have a great influence on the outcome of any event that may happen. I have been to many events where the only training individuals needed to manage a crisis was communication to each one where the first aid kit was. No one even had first aid certificate on site.

Employing a security business to assist in detailing the dangers and establishing an action plan is the easiest and most cost effective approach to ensure that your event security comprises the greatest risk factors and letting them train your employees throughout your event planning meetings can provide you more freedom to planning the event festivities.

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